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Users' Instruction and Ways of Acquiring

Users’ Instruction:

       1. Objects of authorizing:

Tsing Hua University

       2. Usable range of authorized software

Unless the software contract stated otherwise, it is only applicable to on-campus at NTHU.

       3. Usage regulation and copy right’s declaration

   The intellectual property right uniquely belongs to the company who is authorizing the software. This right is protected by copyright laws and international treaties and  this company reserves all ownership and other related rights.
   It is not allowed to transfer in public the serial number of the authorized software to others without the consent of the authorizing company. For it is violating the initial contract.
   It is not allowed to sell, rent, re-authorize, or do in other ways to this authorized software to let others acquire this software, its documents, or its copy.
   Users should never change, translate, reorganize, or derive in the authorized software.
   Users should never do restoring engineering, decoding, or reversed Assembly compiling from the authorized software.
   For the authorization of individual software specification, according to each company’s software licenses and user instruction, users should use within reason.
   If violating the above stated items and causing severer consequences, it shall be disposed according to the related school regulations.
There are two ways for acquiring in-campus authorized software.
     1. In-Campus on-line download:
This site can only be connected from Tsing Hua University’s in-campus network, i.e. IP: 140.114.xxx.xxx.
       2. Taking own student or staff ID card and using personal flash drive for downloading the campus authorized software from
           the dedicated computer on the second floor.
           If you have any question please email to servicecc.nthu.edu.tw or dial in-campus extension 31000.