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About us

Information society’s waves are swiftly surging over the academic territory. “Digitized learning” has become current teaching trend. Our division provides a platform for various hardware and network learning facilities of digitized teaching. This makes teaching and learning of knowledge education in Tsing Hua University has more diversified choice. In the meanwhile, our division bears the recording task of every campus’ major activity. This keeps details of Tsing Hua remain digitized in history. The following is the introduction of our division’s major works.
 Computer Classrooms, Software Borrowing and Consultant Services
C.C.C. provides four computer classrooms, a multimedia processing room and more than one hundred PCs. This lets you conveniently process various computer tasks. Furthermore,    it also provides various in-campus authorized software for borrowing. This provides you opportunities to learn computer skills outside the computer rooms. If you have any computer related questions, you are welcomed to go to the users’ service counter at second floor. We will provide you professional and nice consultant services.
Digital Photographic Work
The digital photographic works are primarily divided into two parts: indoor and outdoor. The shooting of indoor scenes is primarily in digital film studio, classroom teaching, and educational training. The digital film studio is located at fifth floor, C.C.C. It was set up with film studio, secondary control room, recording room, after-work editing room etc. Indoor and outdoor scenes are shot with high resolution digital cameras. This precisely records a collection of wonderful scenes for Tsing Hua.
 Synchronized Distance-Learning Classroom
The Synchronized Distance Learning Classroom is located in the 3rd floor of Learning Resource Center’s front building. The application of visualized information and communication techniques interchanges information with other schools and academic institutes instantaneously. This makes network materialize the characteristic of no national boundary. Both classroom environment and the purpose of transcending space limit are considered in both rendering broadcast and receiving broadcast curriculums to carry out the idea of global village. A visualized meeting room is therefore set up for collaboration with in-campus offices. It provides a long-distance and visualized meeting/teaching environment for our faculties and students.
 eLearning System
eLearning provides a learning path of transcending time , space, participant limits. It creates, interchanges, and shares knowledge through Internet with versatile interactive ways. Since year 2002 the platform of digital learning system was set up. All kinds of curriculums can be put on line. Our division will hold training classes for the usage and making of teaching materials at the beginning of each semester.
Multimedia Services
In responding to diversification of media, our division also provides large-drawing output and video-tape copy services. Large-drawing output provides A0 and A1, large sized print-out services. Video Tape’s copy transforms all kinds of analog and digital films into digital formats such as VCD or DVD through video recording facilities.
Live Webcast
The service of Live Webcast is through on-site Video encoding and Media Server facilities. This provides real-time video information for Tsing Hua’s most eye-catching activities such as ceremonies, contests, seminars through internet such that people outside the sites are able to feel the on-site atmosphere. It elevates participation degree of in-campus affairs of “TsingHua”er.
Maintenance of In-Campus Web Pages and Image Network
The work of design, update, and maintenance of school’s main page and major web pages is one of the major missions of Division of Learning Technologies. Its frequent update provides updated information. In-Campus image network involves all the most representing and important activities of Tsing Hua, such as, anniversary celebration, graduation ceremony, Mei-Tsu cantest, sports meet, etc. This let Tsing-Hua men be able to review the essence of various activities through these beautiful and excellent image records which are too many to be fully appreciated.
Integrated Website Management System
The purpose of the Integrated Website Management System is to facilitate the construction and management of websites in all divisions. Additionally, this platform provides the consistent styles and high quality of websites under a superior information security infrastructure.
Campus Navigation with Google Map
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