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Office 365

Descriptions of Office 365

1.    Services are provided only to the eligible NTHU Faculty, Staff, and Students.

(Before graduating or leaving, please backup the data by yourself. After the account is closed, services will no longer be provided.)

2.      Description

  • The Computer and Communication Center only provides access rights for  users. If you have any questions regarding to the product and other related services, please refer to the official website.

3.      How to Apply

  •  Log on to the Academic Information System → Computer and Communication Center Services → NTHU Campus Licensed Software (To connect over VPN while off campus) 
  • Applications of new applicants need to be manually batched by the Computer and Communication Center. It is scheduled to be processed in batches before 11am every working day. (If a new application is submitted after 8am that day, it will be delayed until the next working day)
  • Use the account and password emailed to you by the system to log on to the Office365 website and activate your account.

4. Attention

  • If you did not receive the notification letter from office365 in your inbox, please go to your spam mail folder.
  •  Contact information: Campus extension 31115 or 31000, office365@my.nthu.edu.tw