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Q1: Could I download MATLAB from “Campus Licensed Software Service”? Could I also borrow the MATLAB software?

A: In order to save the system resources, we stop providing MATLAB from “NTHU Campus Licensed Software Service” as well as MATLAB software.

    However, the school has bought the new MATLAB which can be provided to TAH (Total Academic Headcount). Please go to the official website

    www.mathworks.com and create an account with your school's email. After the approval, you can download the program.


Q2: What is the difference between the MATLAB TAH and the 200 limited user online version?



200 users on line


Single version:Unlimited

On-line version:Only within the NTHU domain

Only within the NTHU domain

Number of users


200 users on line


Full Suite

38 toolboxes


For students, teachers and staff of NTHU


Annual rent
Buyout + Maintenance fees
Current Usage
Teaching and academic research only, shall not be used for commercial purposes

Q3: Could we still use the MATLAB TAH after graduation?

A: NTHU Campus Licensed Software Service is only provided to teachers, staff and students of NTHU. Hence, you are requested to delete the software
    from your computer after graduation in order not to get the fines.

Q4: Why does it take long time to download the MATLAB?

A: Every IP address can use the Internet data up to 6GB. If it is over this limit, the Internet will be slowed down to 512Kbps/256Kbps until the next morning. 
    If you want to download the MATLAB TAH (around 13G), the download speed might be affected.
Q5: I have installed the trial version of MATLAB last year, do I need to delete it before installing the new MATLAB TAH?
A: No, you don't need to delete the trial version of MATLAB, you just need to follow the installation guideline and reactivate the expired license.
Q6. My lab has bought the Single version (or Online version), but it is old. Could I continue using it or upgrade to MATLAB TAH version?
A: To continue using the MATLAB, please follow the instruction of “The original authorization”; To upgrade the new MATLAB TAH version, please follow
     the instruction of “How to use the new version”
Q7. Where could I get the technical support regarding MATLAB?
A: If you need the technical support, please contact:
1. Ms. Ponny Lai, Terasoft Technology Company: Email: tah_service@terasoft.com.tw; Tel: 03-5505590#321
2. Campus Licensed Software Service, NTHU: Email: servicecc.nthu.edu.tw ; Tel: 03-5715131- 31000 
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