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Unity Education License Grant

【Software】: Unity Education License Grant

【Description】:The Unity Technologies ApS (“Unity”) is provided for the Education in Taiwan, therefore, Unity Education version will be used for studying, teaching, training, research and development, but cannot be used for business.

【Amount】: 450

【Expired date】: 2020/02/12(This free educational version has expired and cannot be extended.)

【Management Rules】:

1. For the purposes of effective management, it is necessary to distribute the Unity's educational software license by CCC.

2. CCC only accepts the applications from the education units or teaching course with education as the primary purpose and not for personal use.

3. The application of Unity education license is according to the following priorities:

3-1. The education units or courses have used the Unity software for learning, teaching, training, research and development

3-2. The units have made the demand in the Unity survey of the school.

3-3. Others

4. Due to a limited number of license, we accept the advanced applications and set out the number of computers by teachers or units.

5. Confirmation of application, the license will announce the applicant via e-mail. The applicants should be responsible for the custody of the license and really installed according to the number of applications.

6. The license is only for education version which is accepted to install within campus.

7. The Unity software is offered and maintained by Unity Technologies ApS (“Unity”) at no cost. The authorized usage is defined in Unity’s “Terms of Service”.

8. CCC only manages and distributes the Unity license. Please refer to Unity's instructions for the software usage and usage rules.

【Application form】: please download here…(PDF)

【Installation instructions】:

  1.  Please go to the website to download the Unity software (https://store.unity.com/download?ref=update) to install each PC as well as run Unity editor, then add the serial number to finish the registration for your PC.
  2.  If you install many copies of Unity in different computers at the same time, please do not input the keys into the first installation of Unity before you install the others. This is because of the way Unity licenses are validated and will result on the other installations being banned.To avoid this please first install Unity in all machines and then proceed to verify the keys.

【download address】: https://store.unity.com/download?ref=update

【Installation example】: Please click here(PDF file)


  1. Unity Education License Grant version is used for Academic Units to facilitate installation and management in the classroom that can be used for teaching. If the students want to use the Unity software when not in class, they can download the Unity Personal version for free. Please click here
  2. NTHU technical support contact: #31000 or email: service@cc.nthu.edu.tw