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[Version]: Professional account

1. You can work and collaborate online without installing software programs.
2. You can view and edit projects at any distance, or keep track of every change made by your team members.
3. You can send a shareable secret link (assigned to each project) to your team members and then collaborate. Only authorized users can access and obtain related files.
4. All changes made with your co-authors are synchronized. You can communicate with your co-authors by adding comments or definitions to the file.
5. You can edit in Rich Text or LaTeX and can switch between the two modes easily.
6. A variety of samples and functions can be used to create forms, write great presentations, write period manuscripts, arrange papers, or create bibliographies.
7. Protected projects can be enhanced with Pro versions to enhance privacy. You can also add and remove co-authors at any time.
8. Each project can add in unrestricted collaborative authors to collaborate.
9. You can stay in sync with Drobox or Github.

[Eligible applicants]: NTHU teachers and students
[How to apply]:
  For those who does not have an Overleaf account:

a. Please apply for the @___.nthu.edu.tw mailbox account first. Please note that NTHU Overleaf does not accept @gapp.nthu.edu.tw applications. (How to apply for a student/faculty mailbox)
b. Please enter https://www.overleaf.com/edu/nthu , click on "Register" at the top right corner to register for a new account.


c. Enter your NTHU mailbox account and set up your password, then click “Register using your email”.


d. Go to your mailbox to receive the confirmation email.




e. Re-enter the link https://www.overleaf.com/edu/nthu, click on “Login" at the top left corner.


f. Enter your NTHU mailbox account and password, then click “Log in with your mail”.


g. Please make sure that your account is a NTHU Professional account. After logging in, click on “Account” at the top right corner, and then scroll down to click on “Subscription”.


h. You have successfully signed up for an Overleaf account if the following appears!


For those who already have an Overleaf account:

a. If you applied for an Overleaf account with @___.nthu.edu.tw, please refer to Step 5 above. You will be automatically upgraded to a Professional account after logging in.
b: If you did not apply for an Overleaf account with @___.nthu.edu.tw, please refer to Step 1 above and re-apply.


1. If you have any questions related to NTHU in-campus authorized software, please contact school extension #31000 or email: service@cc.nthu.edu.tw


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