MATLAB Courses in first semester for 2020


※Please note: This workshop will be conducted in Mandarin※ Join us for MATLAB Series Courses in December 2020, please refer to following section for more workshop details.

《Venue》CCC – Computer Laboratory Any inquiries,

please mail to the following address: or call Miss Chiang at campus ext.31231

Focus on software fundamental skills, perfect for beginner and any faculty.


MATLAB for Data Analytics using Statistic and Machine Learning method

Date:12/02, Time:13:30~16:30

This course focuses on data analysis process; from importing and organizing data, to exploratory analysis, to confirmatory analysis and simulation. We will provide hands-on experience for performing statistical data analysis with MATLABR and Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™. The course is intended for data analysts and data scientists who need to automate the processing, analysis, and visualization of data from multiple sources. Topics include:

  • Access data from files and Excel spreadsheets
  • Visualize data and customize figures
  • Perform statistical analysis and fitting
  • Generate reports and automate workflows
  • Share analysis tools as standalone applications or Excel add-ins

MATLAB for Big Data

Date:12/09, Time:13:30~16:30

MATLAB provides a single, high-performance environment for working with big data. In this course, we will use MATLAB datastores to access data that normally does not fit into the memory of a single computer.

To analyze data, tall array allow you to apply statistics, machine learning, and visualization tools to data that does not fit in memory.

  • Big Data Capability in MATLAB
  • Big data in industry
  • New Big Data Capabilities in MATLAB
  • Access Big Data
  • Datastore
  • Tall arrays
  • Working with tall arrays
  • Functions support tall
  • Conclusion and Other Materials